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RC031 The road to hell

March 31, 2021

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Most people think that altruism is the ultimate way to "make the world a better place." I see so many people getting into some kind of service profession because they want to “help people.”

But this could actually hurt not only you, AND the very people you want to help. It’s easy to believe that we all need to “help” in some way.

But if it were true that when we are altruistic and when we dedicate ourselves to helping others, then there would be a lot fewer “problems” in the world, wouldn’t there?

There’s something flawed with this logic because clearly (based on what we’re being told is happening in the world), it’s not working. Listen for what to do (or be!) to ACTUALLY make the world a better place.

Why there's no such thing as problems: https://youtu.be/cA4ePhUcJ7I

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